August 16th, 2012
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Hey BBQ fans!

We’ve been hard at work the last few weeks getting to the bottom of some bugs and taking care of people’s #1 issue so far – load times. Go Home Dinosaurs runs so fast now you’ll be looking to see if you accidentally pressed the turbo button on your old 286. We also made it easier to send gift codes to friends who don’t already have the game.

We are still working on tons of features and fixes for the game so keep checking in! Also remember to rate us in the Chrome store, it really helps us out!




Features and Improvements

-Faster rendering for smoother gameplay

– Added in inline install: say you go to the “Support the Team” section and spend $5 on a “Double triple” and you have a code for your friend to get free stuff too! Well now if you send them the gift code link and they don’t already have the game – it will install the game and they’ll have their stuff already unlocked. It’s much easier in practice than in description. TL;DR- Donate $5 for a “Double Triple”, send gift code to friend, don’t worry about it.

-Renamed Freezio and Ma Cheen Gun to Snowflake Sentry and Gatling Gopher

-Rebalanced the audio on several sound effects, including most of the voice overs.


Bugs Squashed

-Lots of loading fixes to make everything load faster after the first time you load it.

-Fixed a bug where buttons can get stuck in the active animation

-Fixed some bugs with animations

-Tightened up the graphics on level 3.



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