How do I play Go Home Dinosaurs? Where do I download it?

Go Home Dinosaurs is currently available for Windows PCs on Steam. The game will be out soon!


I preordered but where’s my game? How does that work?

Thanks for getting in early! Now that the game is released you’ll receive a code from the awesome people at Humble with instructions on how to redeem for the full game on Steam. Steam keys will be viewable on your Humble account dashboard.


How do I play? What’s going on in the game?

You want to stop dinosaurs from reaching your BBQ. To do that you need to continuously harvest coconuts from sprouting palm trees by clicking on them. Once you have several coconuts (they’re kept in the bag at the top of the screen) you can take cards from your deck (also at the top of the screen). The cards tell you how many coconuts they cost and what their shape is on the map. Once you’ve taken a card place it on the green grass and voila, a weapon is placed! Weapons automatically fight Dinos, so you don’t need to worry about them. Keep harvesting coconuts, taking cards, and placing weapons until all the Dinos are stopped and you win!


I like the game! Should I tell my friends?

YES! Tell your friends about the game! Heck, tell your enemies about the game, we like everybody!


Is there a fan page?

Yup! Go here to join it on Facebook.


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