International Picnic Day Sale!

International Picnic Day Sale!

June 18th, 2013
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June 18th. International Picnic Day. A day for eating outside in the glory of nature with loved ones and lots of airborne, blood-sucking six-leggers. Oh the memories! But did you know that long before the dawn of humankind an early form of International Picnic Day (Picnic Pax Pangaea) was celebrated as a day of peace between Dinos and Gophers?

On June 18th Gophers and Dinos put aside their many differences so they could collectively conquer a basket full of sandwiches (both meat and veggie varieties). We here at Fire Hose Games clearly take science and history very seriously and in that vein are very happy to announce that Go Home Dinosaurs is on sale on PC (75% off!) in celebration of International Picnic Day.

We also made this sweet wallpaper called “The First Picnic,” which will make you the envy of your friends. It even comes in three varieties (click image for full-size wallpaper version)-

Temperate TheSupper_Wallpaper





So fix yourself a cold lunch, throw it in a basket, and eat outside. Oh… then buy Go Home Dinosaurs. That part is also important. You’ll need it when you come back inside to hide from the mosquitoes.

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